Go to Allergy Clinic – Idaho in Nampa for allergy testing and relief

allergyclinicnampaOur Nampa office is at the intersection of Caldwell Boulevard and Midland Boulevard in Nampa.

We offer allergy testing, immunotherapy (also known as allergy drops or injections) and CT scanning.

Come see us and we’ll help you breathe, smell, and taste again!

What is involved in an allergy test?  During a skin test, a drop of a suspected allergen is pricked or scratched on the surface of the skin– usually on the back or forearm. Many suspected allergens are tested at the same time. If you are allergic to one of the tests, you will have redness and swelling at the test spot.

I know they made a world of difference for me as a child & now that I’m watching my son go through the same battle, there’s no doubt that they’ve made a difference in his life too. He was 6 when he started getting weekly injections & his quality of life now vs. then is so much better. I’m grateful to have found a clinic that would take me seriously & believed that I knew what I was talking about when I told them he had problems.” — Kimberly Hubbard


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