Get allergy testing in Meridian, Idaho

Don’t let allergies keep you from enjoying the season. Get on the right track to allergy relief. We treat allergies related to pollens, pets, molds, hay fever, and house allergens, and dust. Our services include allergy testing, allergy injections, sublingual immunotherapy, Nasal endoscopy, and CT Scanning.

Immunotherapy is a medical treatment for allergic disease in which the allergens causing the allergies are given to stimulate the immune system over a period of time into becoming less allergic to those antigens.  These allergens can be taken by drops under the tongue or by injections (aka allergy shots) Immunotherapy is the only treatment that will actually reduce a patient’s level of allergy and is up to 90% successful with seasonal allergies and 70-80% successful with perennial allergies.

Our experienced medical staff understands how you feel and knows how to bring you the relief you need, so you can get out and enjoy the season.

Call 208-388-8900 for an appointment.

Our new Meridian office is located at 3085 Magic View Dr. Suite 140

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