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Sinusitis, Cold, or Allergies?


Sinusitis Causes Sinusitis
occurs when mucus & bacteria or viruses are trapped in the sinuses.
This may be a result of a cold or other respiratory infection, allergy,
anatomical obstruction, or from environmental irritants (e.g. tobacco
smoke, dust).

Colds are caused by viruses.

Allergy Causes Allergies
are a result of the body’sdefense against a perceived threat from a foreign substance, such
as food, drug or insect bite.
Sinusitis Symptoms Facial
pain or pressure, dental pain, nasal congestion and discharge, coughing,
headache, fever, impaired sense of smell.

Nasal congestion, weakness and fatigue, cough,
headache, fever, aching muscles, nasal discharge, and watery eyes.

May include rash, nasal congestion, nasal discharge,
eye problems, breathing problems, coughing, sneezing, swelling
of lips, eyes, face. May occur immediately after exposure; occasionally
reaction may not occur for several days or weeks.

Sinusitis Prevention
Maintain good health; keep air hydrated; drink plenty of fluids
to keep mucus flowing freely. A warm facial pack or steamy shower
may relieve congestion and ease discomfort.

There is no vaccine that will prevent a cold.
Avoid direct contact with a person who has a cold– cold viruses
are easily passed through infected secretions; uncovered coughing
and sneezing may spread the virus through the air. Wash hands
frequently and thoroughly. Maintain a good diet, drink plenty
of fluids, get adequate rest, and do not share personal items
like toothpaste, drinking cups, and eating utensils with other
members of the household.

Allergy Prevention Avoid
substance that causes reaction, such as animal dander, dust mites,
or molds. If severe allergic reaction has been diagnosed or has
been known to occur, an alert bracelet should be worn at all times.
Sinusitis Doctor Visit If
you have many of the listed symptoms that are bothersome, severe,
or persist, Sinus Center- Idaho can help. Click
here to make an appointment in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Twin Falls
or Fruitland
. Left untreated, sinusitis can lead to rare, but
serious complications.

Doctor Visit
Most healthy people do not need to see a
doctor for a cold unless symptoms do not improve, or worsen. These
include fever, cough, breathing problems, chest pain, sore throat,
runny nose, headache, and/or dental pain.

Allergy Doctor Visit
Severe symptoms require immediate and possibly emergency medical
care. A doctor visit is appropriate to diagnose mild symptoms that
cause you concern. Allergy Clinic – Idaho offers a free allergy
test. Call 388-8900 for more information. *

If your infection is bacterial, your doctor
may prescribe an antibiotic–be sure to complete the course of
therapy. A steamy shower, warm pack to affected areas, saline
nasal spray, decongestant nasal spray (no more than 3 to 5 days
), and a pain-reliever may ease discomfort. Use antihistamine
preparations only if recommended by your medical professional,
because they may dry your nasal and sinus passages.

Colds Treatment Antibiotics
will not cure a cold, because they do not work against
viruses. Treatment to relieve symptoms include rest, plenty of fluids,
a pain reliever for headache and muscle ache, and nonprescription
remedies for nasal congestion and cough. Avoid smoking, and use
a humidifier.
Allergy Treatment
Allergies with mild symptoms may be treated with decongestants or
antihistamines. A course of desensitization, known as immunotherapy
may be prescribed by a physician. Immunotherapy is now offered
by Allergy Clinic – Idaho in sublingual drops (drops placed under
the tongue) requiring fewer office visits and more flexibility.


*Sinus Center-Idaho, PC, (John A. Boyajian, M.D.) is one of the owners of Allergy Clinic-Idaho. We value you as a patient and want to respect your freedom of choice of providers. Consistent with that principle, patients who are referred for allergy evaluations from Sinus Center-Idaho, PC are under no obligation to receive services by Allergy Clinic-Idaho, PC. Furthermore, patients whom are referred for sinus evaluations from Allergy Clinic-Idaho, PC are under no obligation to receive services from Sinus Center-Idaho, PC. Other provider options are available in your local yellow pages under Physicians & Surgeons (M.D. & D.O.).

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